All content copyright 2001 by Lee Duffy All Rights Reserved
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He's Not For You

Copyright 2001 by Lee Duffy. All Rights Reserved.

I had to lock my heart and soul
I just can't let my feelings show
Cause this man who rocks my world
He's not for you
Cause they say he's not for you

So tell me why did you come along
How come this feeling's so damn strong
You make my head whirl
And daddy you rock my world
But it's not for you
Cause they say it's not for you

I can't help the way I feel
My heart keeps saying please be still
And love the man who rocks your world
Cause he's here for you
Right now he's here for you

Who are they that they can say
You can't be loving me this way
Can't make my head whirl
You better not rock my world
Cause it's not for you
Can that be true

Please unlock my heart and soul
Before this feeling gets too cold
Come be the man to rock my world
Cause I'm here for you
Right now I'm here for you