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Lee Duffy's calm, pure voice works magic on my ears. Her songs evoke a cool Texas Hill Country Spring on a hot August day. Think of the sudden beauty of the Guadalupe Mountains in West Texas, dotted with the bold Spring Color. There is mystery and a ton of soul. Lee Duffy's is a voice of Texas and what the musicians say about her is true-"She's up there with the best." (Grammy Award Winning Pianist)  
Floyd Domino  

Just when it seemed the world was about to forget... beautiful love songs and a voice as sweet and real as the girl next door.
Kimmie Rhodes  

Unusually talented lady...the music is cool.
Merle Haggard  

I love Lee's songs. They provide such a clear & poignant vision never obscured by unnecessary word play or self important images. Just the truest & deepest expressions of a wise soul.
Will Sexton  

To be frank, the first time I heard Lee Duffy sing one of her songs I had to struggle with my composure. Her voice and songs are beautiful and absolutely true-without affectation or pretense.
Stephen Doster  

Excerpt from review of "SoulFaces" CD by Alton Rex
Alton's clear, rich voice reminds us of Steven Fromholz, and the duets with Sara Hickman and Lee Duffy bring to mind the great harmonies of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris
Sue Donahoe  
Texas Indie Music  
October 2001